In this era where education is more of a business, “Physics wallah is raising its bar for the competition by providing everything to the students with the best environment to support them accomplishing their dream.”

Physics wallah has been creating a way for millions of students to accomplish their dreams through their Youtube Channel and website. 

They provide extensive education to the students and prepare them for competitive examinations. It aims to provide quality education with all the resources at the minimum cost so that every student can achieve their dream. 

What is Physics Wallah?

The journey from a Facebook page to a youtube channel to a unicorn company, Physics wallah, is an ed-tech startup founded by Mr. Alakh Pandey with its co-founder Mr. Prateek Maheshwari.

Unlike other ed-tech companies, Physics wallah solely focuses on quality education rather than earning money. The vision of Physics wallah is that every student can study and achieve their goal. They aim to provide education at the minimum cost, so that money will not be a barrier to achieving goals. 

Mr. Alakh Pandey first formed a Facebook group and connected with the students by commenting and resolving their queries. Then, he started his Youtube channel to teach Physics and Chemistry to the students of Classes 10th, 11th, and 12th. 

The unique style of teaching has moved something in the students. In recent years, the education system has changed drastically. The students are going with online education only after that. 

His hard work has succeeded with flying colors, and the growth he has seen in these recent years has motivated him to open his own company. 

 He started his own company and built his app in 2020, which also got a lot of support and made it a unicorn company in 2022. 

Why choose Physics Wallah?

Physics wallah provides various benefits that will help you achieve your goal with minimum cost. The app and the website are popular due to their advanced features and the resources available on their website.

  1. Quality Notes

Physics wallah provides quality notes to the students. You can easily access all the NCERT Notes and NCERT Solutions without spending anything. The notes will be very concise and provide complete information regarding the chapters. 

Subject matter experts make notes with years of experience and knowledge in the field of education. 

  1. Live seminar

The team of Physics wallah understands the concerns of the students and the parents. So, they tend to follow the guidelines and provide the best mentors, live classes, and doubt-solving sessions to make the students quickly clear their concepts.

They also introduced a new service to provide a mentor to the students who will help them with their academic and non-academic queries. You can find everything on the Physics wallah website.

  1. Live doubt-solving sessions

The live doubt-solving sessions will help the students clear their doubts and get one-on-one interaction with the mentors. With the help of live doubt-solving sessions, students can hear other students' doubts, which will give them room for improvement. 

  1. Monitor their development

Another benefit of choosing Physics wallah is that they focus on every student. With the planners, you can also track your daily and weekly goals, which will eventually help you monitor your progress and help you plan with your goal.

Login to the website of Physics wallah and go with the planners and other resources according to your needs and goals.

  1. Online tests

These will give you a brief report of your performance and understanding level. By solving online tests, you can find out your strengths and weaknesses. This program also includes quizzes, sample papers, previous year question papers, and MCQs. To make sure students can prepare quickly. 

Courses Offered by Physics wallah

Here’s the list of new courses offered by Physics wallah

Courses Name

Lakshya 2.0 NEET for class 12th

Lakshya 2.0 JEE for class 12th


Umang 2023

NEEV 2.0 for class 9th

UDAAN 2.0 for Class 10th

Arjuna JEE 2023

NEET/JEE Crash Course


Q1. Why is Physics wallah so famous?

Ans. Starting from a Youtube channel, Physics wallah has become a sensation with its unique teaching style and became a unicorn company in its initial stage. 

Q2. Is Physics wallah free of cost?

Ans. Yes, you can easily access all the notes and study material for free on their website, and you can also find the video lectures on the Youtube channel and their app.

Q3. Is PW a good channel for NEET?

Ans. You can go for Physics and Chemistry to prepare NEET on Physics wallah. 

Q4. How many students are there in Physics wallah?

Ans. There are more than 7 million students connected with Physics wallah.